Photography is something that happened to me sort of on accident. I’ve always loved photography, even as a kid. I figured that someday I’d take a photography class, and in the meantime took as many pictures as I could with whatever camera I had available to me at the time.

When it came time to get married, I hired a wedding photographer with a fabulous resume who nonetheless left me disappointed in our photos after the wedding. Perfectly exposed and technically correct, but devoid of the drama of our day, I realized too late that there are moments you never get to relive and all you are left with are the pictures.

On our second wedding anniversary, my husband dropped our little point-and-shoot camera trying to take a self-portrait over cobblestone – it shattered. “That’s it, I’m buying a real camera!” I said. A few months later, for Christmas, my camera arrived. I turned the dial to “manual” – determined that I wouldn’t spend that much money without REALLY learning how to work this thing – and started experimenting. I never intended for photography to become anything other than a hobby…like I said, this whole thing has sort of been an accident. About six months after I got my camera, my brother asked me to take his engagement photos. I did – and not only did I absolutely love it, I was even kinda good at it.

One thing followed another, and I found myself doing more and more portrait shoots, and before long a few weddings.

And then I had a baby, and my heart opened again to new passions: mamas, birth, babies.

The moments since finding out I was pregnant with my son have been fleeting and precious. The photos I have – from the self-portraits I took during pregnancy to the professional maternity, birth, and newborn photos – are among my most prized possessions. Because in the end, as my friend Kelly Sauer says, “Beautiful pictures are the.most.valuable.thing I have for remembering my beautiful life.”

I love telling stories. I would love to tell yours.