the birth of avonlea victoria :: maryland birth photographer

This birth marked the 15th birth I have photographed, and like every time I was overwhelmed with how lucky I am to be doing this work and to be telling these stories. It is always an honor to be invited into these intimate moments, to be a part of such strength and joy, but this birth in particular just had me in awe. While things started pretty easy and it seemed like it was going to be a fast birth, baby turned out to be in a transverse position. After a lot of intention and a lot of work, baby turned – but rather than into the ideal, anterior position, baby girl moved to a posterior ascynclitic position. For non-birth-junkies, this is code for “really really really tough birth and LOTS of back labor.” Giving birth is all about going with the flow, surrendering to the process even when it doesn’t match our vision – and that is what this strong and beautiful mama did. Her graceful surrender led to a beautiful and euphoric birth.

music credit: “500 Miles” by Blake Stratton :: The Music Bed