the birth of jethro marcus :: northern virginia birth photographer

When Sharon texted me at 7:30 am to say she’d been in labor for a few hours, I figured that since she was a first time mom I wouldn’t be called to go to the birth til later that night or maybe even the next day. So I was surprised to find myself at the hospital just four hours later. Sharon’s labor was fast and furious and left her no time for the planned epidural, but with strength and love, she birthed her beautiful son.

This birth held special meaning for me as baby Jethro was born with Down’s Syndrome, a condition in which it is estimated that anywhere from 60-90% of babies diagnosed in utero are aborted. Sharon told me that when they found out at 15 weeks that their baby boy had Down’s, there was a roller coaster of emotions and it was hard to accept…but abortion was never an option. “In the end,” she said, “It is about love for the baby.” To see the love that Sharon and Marco have for their son – indeed, to see the way in which they didn’t just “accept” him but celebrated him – was awe inspiring.

Sharon and Marco – you two are going to be amazing parents – you already are. What a gift Jethro is to you, and to the world. I am blessed to be part of your journey.