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let me keep my mind on what matters, which is my work, which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished. {mary oliver: "messenger"}

Month: June, 2012

{belly} Karen :: Northern Virginia maternity photographer

I just had a feeling when I saw Karen’s email signature – Spiritual Teacher, Storyteller, Life Enthusiast, Hands-On Bodyworker, Singer, Philosopher, Xenophile¬†– that she would be adventurous enough to brave an early morning wake up call for some gorgeous light.¬†(I’ve been jonesing to do a sunrise shoot for ages now, and let me tell you […]

{belly} Annie :: Northern Virginia maternity photographer

I think almost every pregnant mama complains about feeling like a whale at the end of pregnancy. I remember feeling that way too – but when I see a woman just a few weeks away from giving birth, her belly swollen with new life, I am in awe of her beauty and vitality. Behind every […]